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Why does Mobile Grooming Services cost more than Salon Grooming?

What sets Mobile Grooming apart from Salon Grooming?.......

1. Same Stylist Every Visit! With Divine Dogs Mobile Pet Spa you will always get the same Pet Stylist. I will be the owner and only Stylist of this business. When your pet gets to know their Pet Stylist they begin to feel more comfortable with the grooming process . Knowing your pet is in good hands every time is worth every penny spent.

2. No Cages or Traveling!  With Salon Grooming you have to schedule an appointment, drive to the salon , drop off your pet that will most likely spend hours in a cage, then wait for the phone call to find time in your busy schedule to pick them up. With Mobile Pet Services we bring our self contained state of the art grooming van to your door! With appointments scheduled around your day or latch key services there is no more traveling and waiting involved!

3. Clean Sanitized Grooming Environment!  Since the Grooming van only accomidates one pet at a time you don't need to worry about your pet coming in contact with any other dogs . We clean and sanitize the van in between every appointment so there is no worries about your pet being exposed to any illness or disease. No long waits in dirty cages or salons! 

4. Luxury Service!!!  I have chosen to only use the finest Shampoos, Conditioners and products available on the market. With a brand new Diesel fully loaded Luxury Grooming Van I felt since I deserved only the best so does your beloved pet! Every Grooming Package will include Premium top of the line shampoos, conditioners, and  Dog Perfumes. I use only vet recommended ear cleaners and teeth brushing products. I can guarantee your pet will be treated like the spoiled pup they are with every visit!

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